Why stop in Iceland on the way to San Francisco?

Direct flights are the way to go. Why should you change planes for hours if you do not have to? On a recent trip to San Francisco, I changed my mind.

Why? Last month, Icelandair, known for its generous 32-inch economy seat, flew its new Heathrow flight from San Francisco Airport to Iceland for a few days. In fact, it was a holiday in two countries.

So I spent my time in the land of the midnight sun.

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The blue lagoon
The blue and foggy waters of the Blue Lagoon are heated by the earth itself and radiate against a black lava flow.

Blue Lagoon
Blue Lagoon c. Sharron Livingsto
Although this water is fantastic for your skin, it is not so easy for the hair. We were told to pour our hair into the hair conditioner (provided). So I hung up my fluffy dressing gown, removed the flip flops and went inside. The water has finally reached shoulder height (ish). I switched and traded it for a prosecco at the water bar.

Then you navigate in the warm, opaque water on the other side to get a silica mud mask that “makes you look younger”. Then I was back for a seaweed mask to “soften the skin”. When I left two hours later, my skin was smooth and looked very beautiful.

Fortunately, the on-site restaurant Lava serves grilled beef, lamps and fish.

Snorkeling at the fissure of Silfra
Snorkeling in the Silfra Trench between two tectonic plates of America and Eurasia
Snorkeling in the calm, clear waters of Silfra Gap in Thingvellir National Park is a joyous experience, but what really amazed me is that the rock formations in the gorge result from the movement of two tectonic plates from America and Eurasia – and I floated. through you.

The blue water, although initially cool, is so clear that visibility can reach 100 feet. I could see the corners of rock formations and the purple, pink and brown color scheme under this underwater realm. By the way, there are no wild animals to see, only handmade objects of nature.

The visit lasted about 40 minutes and the idea is to swim instead of swimming. All equipment is supplied and sized by a very experienced team, although the suit was tight enough and seemed tight, but kept me dry.

After that, I had hot chocolate and cookies to complete the experience.

Whale watching aboard a cruise ship
A cruiser (courtesy of Artic Adventure) took us into a rough sea (yes, you can get seasick), but the vision of a parrot diving into the water and humpback whales jumping majestically out of the water, apparently unimpressed by the experience ship. I had five observations in just two hours. Watching them is great as they reveal their white stockings as they dive in and out and arch their long, dark bodies.

Snowmobile on the Sharron Livingston Glacier
I was so happy to drive on the Langjökull Glacier Islands. After a few minutes of class, I started the engine and followed in a serpentine formation the guide along the glacier. The snow seemed to extend to the eternal and was beautiful under the dark orange hues of the midnight sun. Yes, it’s a four-hour drive from Reykjavik, but it’s a sensational experience and you’ll see many fantastic scenery along the way. Do not miss it.

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